Frank's Politics

Frank Wing also has a long political and civic record starting back to 1963 when he was elected to the
 Town of Freetown Board of Selectmen at the age of 22. 
set a state record in that election to become the youngest elected selectmen in Massachusetts history.  This record still stands today.  

Photo of Frank taken while in 1968
while a member of the Freetown Board of Selectmen

Frank has also served on the  Bristol Community College (BCC)  Board of Trustees at the college's beginning and for the first fourteen years of the college.  This is the longest anyone has ever served on that board.  In addition, he was elected as board's chairman for two of those fourteen years to become the youngest college board chairman in the state's history. He was first appointed to the board by former Governor John A. Volpe and then re-appointed by former Governor Francis Sergeant.

    Frank also served as the New England Coordinator for the National Association of Urban Republican County Chairmen and as President of the Bristol County GOP for 2 years.  These next two picture were taken from one of the many dinner meetings Frank held while he was President of the Bristol County GOP.   Frank has also served for two conventions as an Alternate Delegate from  to the Republican National Convention and was elected to serve as a delegate to a third convention. 

Although Frank is active with the Republican Party he has been a long time critic of the poorly organized Massachusetts State Republican Committee.   In the 80's while Frank was Chairman of the Bristol County Republican Committee he unsuccessfully ran for the position of Chairman of the Massachusetts State Committee against Raymond Shamie.   Frank campaigned on the fact that the Massachusetts Republican State Committee wasn't able to win many local elections in the state because the State Committee retains complete control of the State GOP and didn't allow the county, or city and town GOP Committees to have any power or control to operate successfully.  Frank lost that election and unfortunately, the Massachusetts Republican State Committee still hasn't corrected these basic organizational problems they continue to have. As a result, most Massachusetts cities and towns find that on election day most of the state and county positions have no Republican Candidates name even on the ballot.  In the 2002 election the Massachusetts Republican State Committee couldn't even produce a candidate to put a name on the ballot to run for US Senator and it looks like future Massachusetts Elections will be the same.   In spite of these facts, there still doesn't seem to be any effort to make any changes to the Massachusetts Republican State Committee in the near future.         

While Frank was Chairman of the Bristol County Republican Committee he held many events.  The next two pictures were taken at the Bristol County Republican Committee annual "Lincoln Day Dinner" held in Seekonk, Massachusetts on February 14, 1986.


The picture on the left from this dinner shows Frank, Andrew Card, Andrew Natisos, and Frank's wife, Carol Hryciw-Wing.  




The picture on the right from this dinner show former Rhode Island Governor, Edward DiPrete, Frank, Andy Card and Carol Hryciw-Wing.







Andrew Card was President Bush's Chief of Staff when this famous picture of him telling President Bush about the 9/11/2001 attack on the United States.  



is also a member of the Wing Family.  He has attended various functions held by the Wing Family of America including the 100th anniversary of the Wing Family of America Meeting held in Sandwich, Massachusetts. 

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