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This pi
cture was taken around 1900.  The guy in the middle was my grandfather, Charles H. Wing, Sr.    My grandfather and his family lived in Assonet, Massachusetts.  Most likely that's where this picture was taken.  Assonet is a part of Freetown and is located just north of Fall River in Southeastern Massachusetts.
Everyone in the Wing family called my grandfather "Pa".   The caption under
the picture says "Pa Wing in the middle (Charles H. Wing, Sr)".

 Pa Wing in the middle
   (Charles H. Wing,Sr.)

My mother Hilda S. Wing's picture taken from the
BMC Durfee High School 1933 Yearbook





Much of the material below was copied from information I obtained from the "Wing Family".
The Wings Family in America have been traced back to 1632.  Members of the Wing Family in the United States and Canada have traced their ancestry back to Matthew Wing of Banbury, England.  One of his son's, the Reverend John Wing, a graduate of Queen's College, Oxford, was a prominent clergyman in London in the years just after the reign of Queen Elizabeth.  He became a dissenter from the teachings of the established church, crossed the English Channel and preached to the English Churches in Germany and Holland.  After his death, his widow, Deborah, came with her four sons and father to Boston in 1632 and settled in

When the "Ten men of Saugus" received it from the Crown in 1637 to that part of Cape Cod which lies south of Plymouth Colony, Mother Deborah and her four sons, John, Daniel, Stephen, and Mathew joined this group and were among the original settlers of Sandwich.

 Today the Wing Family  is still alive and well in America.  Starting in 1902 the "Wing Family of America" was establish and has been meeting annually ever since.   From June 13, to the  16th of 2002, the family had it's one hundredth annual family meeting at the "Wing Fort House" in Sandwich, Massachusetts.  Approximately five hundred members of the Wing Family gather in Sandwich from across America. 

The "Wing Fort House" in Sandwich was built in 1641 by the Wing FamilyThe "Wing Fort House" is the oldest house in New England owned and occupied continuously by the same family for over three centuries.    Today the house has been restored and preserved by the "The Wing Family of America, Inc.".  It is located at Spring Hill Road in Sandwich, Massachusetts and is open to the public on Tuesday through Saturday, June 15th to September 30 from 10:00am to 4:00pm.  There is a small charge admission charge.   For off-season visits please call the Caretaker at (508) 833-1540.                   

For more information and pictures on the Wing Family go to:
"www.wingfamily.org"  and also to:

The Wing Family also has a lighthouse named after the family. The Wing's Neck Lighthouse is on Cape Cod in Massachusetts 

For information and pictures on the Wing's Neck Lighthouse on Cape Cod go to: "www.lighthouse.cc/wingsneck/history.html"

NOTE:   If you do check out the "www.wingfamily.org" site, please note that it states that the site is maintained by "Frank Wing" who lives in Rhode Island.   This "Frank Wing" is another "Frank Wing" and not the same Frank W. Wing from WINGS Television, Inc.     Sound confusing?  You should attend one of the Family Meeting's where almost everyone had the last name of Wing.


             Frank W. Wing  

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