The last person to do a recorded interview with Ted Williams was George W. Bush .  This interview was done exclusively by WINGS Sports in Manchester, NH  in Ted Williamís hotel room during the afternoon of January 18, 2000  just before the Annual New Hampshire Baseball Dinner. 
   In addition to President  Bush and Ted Williams, we also did interviews that afternoon with former Boston Red Sox stars, Dennis Eckersley, and Rico Petrocelli.  The interviews were broadcast throughout New Hampshire, Eastern Connecticut,  Southeastern Massachusetts and all of Rhode Island on our television show WINGS Sports.   This show received mass media attention throughout the United States  and has been mentioned in various newspaper articles, television shows and radio station programs throughout the country.  One of the newspapers the show was mentioned in was "USA Today".     
WINGS Sports best know show was this Ted Williams- George W. Bush interview show.    This show was arranged and produced by Frank W. Wing for WINGS Sports.      
These photos on this web were taken from the videotape of that interview.  Throughout Ted Williams' career he has had a somewhat touchy relationship with the news media.  Therefore, it seems fitting that Ted Williams' last recorded interview was done with
President George W. Bush and not with members of the news media.   For more information and pictures from the interviews we did that day go to our site:      2000 New Hampshire Baseball Dinner.

"WINGS Sports" is our highly rated television show with in-depth reports on New England's top sports teams, players and personalities.  WINGS Sports has aired on various television and cable stations throughout New England.  The show has produced a variety of sports shows starting in 1998.  Various hosts have included include Mike Montecalvo, who is now a morning anchor on CBS Channel 12  in Providence.  Mike  has also been a popular local radio announcer on WHJY 920 Radio for the "IMUS in the Morning Show".  Other announcers on "WINGS Sports"
have included sports reporters Roger Letendre and former Miss Rhode Island,  Kelly Roarke. Kelly's dad, Mike Roarke, was the former pitching coach of the Boston Red Sox at the time Roger Clemens was pitching for the Red Sox. 
Likewise, the "one on one" interview our Mike Montecalvo did that day with George W. Bush was the first television show in Southern New England to conduct an interview with President Bush and we were also the first Southern New England television crew to videotape an interview George W. Bush.

   Portions of this interview and others WINGS videotaped that day have been broadcast on various broadcast and cable stations throughout the United States.






This picture from our video was taken at the New Hampshire Baseball Dinner that night after our afternoon interviews.   I believe we all had a wonderful time there that day including Ted Williams and George W. Bush.  

 WINGS Sports' host Mike Montecalvo chats with
President George W. Bush and former Red Sox's
pitcher Dennis Eckersley.  Sitting to the left of them is Ted Williams


WINGS Spots covers New England professional teams like the New England Patriots,  Boston and , the Boston and  Pawtucket Red Sox,
Providence Bruins,
the New England Revolution, the Rhode Island Stingrays and the New Hampshire Phantoms.   In addition, the
show also covers New England colleges and high school teams along with other local sporting events.

WING Sports also brings you in depth reports on New England sports. 

Some of the guest on WINGS Sports include former New England Patriots quarterback, Drew Bledsoe,  

Other stars include, Boston Celtics', player and coach, K.C. Jones, five time boxing champ, Vinny Pazienza, and Olympic Gold Metal winner, Sara DeCosta 

Sites of some of the teams we cover: 


WINGS Sports is flying high in Providence!

WINGS Sports out-delivered or tied a wide variety of youth and teen-oriented fare, including the entire WB Kids block on    WLWC.

Station    Program                   Time Period   HH RTG/SHR

69 WPXQ       WINGS Sports           9-9:30am        0.5/2
12 WPRI            Birdz (CBS)                     9-9:30 am          0.2/1
28 WLWC          Men in Black                 9-9:30 am          0.3/2
12 WPRI            Flying Rhino (CBS)       8:30-9am           0.5/2
28 WLWC          Student Bodies             6-6:30am             --/--
28 WLWC          Monkey Magic              6:30-7am           0.3/2
28 WLWC          Malibu, CA                     7:30-8am           0.2/1
28 WLWC          WB Kids Block               8am-12n           0.3/2
12 WPRI            Nick News                      6-6:30am             --/--
64 WNAC          Beast Wars                     6:30-7am            0.2/1
64 WNAC          Lionhearts                      7-7:30am           0.3/2
64 WNAC          Bannas Crayon Box      7-7:30am             --/--
 6 WLNE            Peer Pressure                 7-7:30am             --/--
 6 WLNE            Field Trips                      7:30-8am            0.5/2

In another rating done, WINGS Sports  beat or tied one of the major networks in four out of five weeks in a row.

WINGS Sports  tied   28 WLWC WB on  1-9-99
WINGS Sports  beat  12 WPRI CBS  on  1-2-99
WINGS Sports  tied   06 WLNE ABC  on  12-12-98
WINGS Sports  tied   06 WLNE ABC on  12-5-98

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